Essay: Document Analysis

19 Oct

Essay: Document Analysis

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A succession of several dynasties have ruled China over the past millenniums, retelling and changing the history of the land with a distinct blend of traditional socio-political and modern western elements. Just like any other country in the world, china has undergone several historical struggles in its political and social spheres, as the region moved to fight for equality and affluence against the rule of tyrants and dictators together with the fostering relationships with the western world.

The textbook, The Search for Modern China: a Documentary Collection, by Jonathan Spence takes a look at the main issues of development in traditional China history, paying attention to the various political and social change subject matters (Spence et al., p. 52). Though there is a strong look at the political-social reform period of the post 1978 era, the writer spends a substantial amount of time discussing and trying to give a better understanding of the previous centuries of the Chinese region, bringing out those instances of change and upheaval, such as the decline and fall of the last imperial reign and the rise of the rule of communism under the then Chinese ruler, Mao Zedong. The book gives a brief history of the Chinese social-political scene, first covering the period from the decline and fall of the last imperial rule to the beginning of the Cultural Revolution of 1976, to the last thirty years of the economic revolution and reorganization, taking a look at how the revolution was started and how it was sustained, and finally concluding with a look at China’s economic and political relationships, with respect to its collusion with the united states and the other parts of Asia.

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