Essay: Urban analysis

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Urban analysis has evolved greatly over the years especially with the rise of globalization and the implications that it brings about. It is from this perspective that the application of approaches regarded as traditional have ceased to take precedence in evaluating urban changes. Furthermore, these trends continue and the very well eluded modernist theory is seemingly following the same path. This is ideally in light of a new postmodernist era which excludes modernist theorists.

Postmodernism as pointed out by Cilliers (1998, p.114) calls for the departure from the modernist way of using simple discourses in cohesively uniting all other forms of knowledge. Instead, postmodernism implies that different discourses emanating from the modern society need to be addressed individually. As such, the postmodernist theorist must cope with a multiplicity of discourses. Following the upsurge of these new view points, the Chicago school models of urban analysis are facing opposition from the LA school of postmodernist urban analysis. These approaches are quite distinct and provide completely opposite forms of urban analysis. Regardless of the positive implications brought about by post modernist approaches, there are existing limitations of the same. This paper seeks to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the postmodernist approach in analyzing urban change in Los Angeles. Though well structured and suited for a first growing city, the post modernist theory has been disrepute as based on mere assumptions. The discussion will therefore focus on the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches.

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