Essay: Use of Marx Theory of Labor

Sample Essay

The use of Marx Theory of labor though it does not directly represent our case in study can be interpreted in a manner suitable to our case. My emphasis is that whenever one attempts to interpret it in respect to this case, to do so having the idea of distributive justice in mind. Sweatshops are good and they should not be abolished but what should change is the exploitation faced by the workers. The government in conjunction with the labor unions should endeavor making it a favorable workplace where the rights of workers are respected.

I recommend that such companies come up with a comprehensive code of ethics that will protect every staff from misappropriation and misuse. In line with this, employers in garment industries should know that quality production depends on the input of the workers; and that there cannot be quality production if workers carry out their activities in bad conditions. Better still, there is never good quality from a slave. This is because their power of creativity is destroyed. So, they produce goods or services as per the wishes or commands of the workers and not from what they can do best. See, never will there be product growth and development in such a situation. This is what determines a good production committed to quality. Last but not least, a society that rewards its workers justly is not only economically impressive but also well-grounded on morality.

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