Essay: Decreasing Truancy by Improving Student Attendance

14 Oct

Essay: Decreasing Truancy by Improving Student Attendance

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Decreasing Truancy by Improving Student Attendance through Community Involvement

 Epstein and Sheldon (2002) conducted a study of 12 elementally schools in Maryland, California, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania to analyze variables related to three years’ worth of school patterns and subsequent school attendance rates (p.16). The authors study was focused on two major objectives which were to decreasing truancy rates among students and increasing the student attendance for all children. The study depended heavy on well described information and warm concerted effort by school principals. The authors study identified several aspects which were instrumental in increasing attendance rate and decreasing chronic absentees without a proper reason.

Rewards to students who had a good attendance record had a very big impact on improving of school attendance and on the reduction of chronic absenteeism. Principals described varied rewards which included exceptional recognition during prize giving days, issuing of certificates to students, sending letters to parents regularly, and offering opportunities to attend special events for students who maintain high levels of school attendance. There were some principals who went further to provided some incentives such as giving prizes sourced from local businesses.

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