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Essay: Diocletian and Constantine

Sample Essay Both Diocletian (A.D. 284-305) and Constantine (A.D. 306-337) sought to address the major flaw in the Roman system of governance that had precipitated the third century crisis by strengthening the office of the emperor and by developing a system to ensure mellifluous transition of power.

Essay: Fundamentalism

Sample Essay Fundamentalism, also called militant anti-modernism refers to religious views that have very rigid adherence to what they consider the most fundamental and conventional principles and/or beliefs (Goldschmidt & Davidson, 2006). The positions take varied forms which include Indian, Islamic, Jewish, some factions of Christianity and Hinduism.

Essay: The Teachings of Spirituality

Sample Essay The participants also confirmed that the teachings of spirituality enabled them to initiate outreach programs and were able to interact in various ways with the communities. By organizing and participating in these programs, the community changed their attitude towards them and assimilation in the community on completion of treatment became faster. This assurance …

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Essay: Mark‘s teaching about the cross-New Testament

Sample Essay The teaching of the cross has its background from chapter 14. From this chapter 14 it speaks about the Passover feast according to the Jews. By the fact that Jesus and his disciples were Jews, they had to adhere to this religious cultural festival.  This scenario presents the activities that were performed during …

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