Essay: The services of the rabbi

Sample Essay

The service of the rabbi should be compensated and rewarded. According to Maimonides, in spite of the fact that children ought to learn Torah from the moment they start learning to speak, it is important to remunerate the teacher when its children acquire the age of six or seven. Nevertheless, throughout the Jewish History there is a gap left between the relevance attached to the teaching of Torah to the young ones and adolescents, and the material condition of the teachers (Baumgarten, 1999). In this light, educational institutions were established. Although Torah was considered as the only source of wisdom, there was needed to integrate it with secular wisdom.

The classical curriculum ushered an era characterized by the formalization of instruction. Basically, acquisition of education was categorized in various stages to different students. In other words, the young were separated from the elderly; this means that the young had their own structures of education as compared to the older folks. Further to this, it is important to recognize the efforts of the students and even reward them as such. In addition, dialogue and interaction between the students and their teachers is recommended and particularly, the dialogical pedagogy plays a very vital role here. Punishment to children is a key factor in making or shaping children’s moral path and practice.

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