Essay: Fundamentalism

Sample Essay Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism, also called militant anti-modernism refers to religious views that have very rigid adherence to what they consider the most fundamental and conventional principles and/or beliefs (Goldschmidt & Davidson, 2006). The positions take varied forms which include Indian, Islamic, Jewish, some factions of Christianity and Hinduism.Islamic resurgence is attributable to a number of factors with the main one being the oil boom. Studies indicate that the huge proceeds got from selling oil and gas to the consuming nations enables the Muslims communities in the Middle East to buy superior weapons from the west with which they use in fighting. Also the technological advances are seen to contribute significantly to this resurgence too. In particular, the advancements in telecommunication have enabled the militants like Al-Qaeda affiliations to plan their actions with ease. Studies also show that this resurgence in the Middle East is caused by the economic distress that the individuals go through. It cannot be disputed that most parts in this region are characterized by high levels of illiteracy, unequal distribution of resources and poverty. A perfect example is Bangladesh who’s economic down turn is also contributed to by the frequent floods. As a result, individuals residing in these areas have continuously engaged in militant activities as a way of expressing this discontent.
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