Essay: Friere Preaches What He Teaches

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By the look of the many examples Friere gives, it is easy to conclude that he preaches what he teaches. One should be very sure that Friere must be serious with what he is advocating. He criticizes the banking concept of education since it shows the students to be oppressed by the teachers for they are regarded as people who know nothing.

The way he describes the students as just mere objects, with no freedom, and since they know nothing, they follow all the teacher says. He describes the oppressions and sufferings the student has to undergo with a lot of pity such that there is no way he can be practicing it. This means that he only has the option of practicing what he preaches. With students being allowed to contribute in the learning process, they feel more motivated and thus motivated to pass in all the studies they undertake. Since Friere knows that there is no other world he can take the students to go and learn from, he is left with no other option but to make the world they live in a better place. This would mean that he has to advocate for good learning methods which will make the students motivated rather than feeling discouraged and oppressed.

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