Essay: Assistance for consumers with visual impairment

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Consumers with visual impairment are also in need of free directory assistance so that they can easily locate the specific products from the suppliers. This ensures that they spare time and can reach their products with ease. Since the locations of the suppliers are clearly shown in the directories, it follows that these customers will easily reach the suppliers to make their purchases.

It is also important to note that these directories are of great help especially to the consumers who do not have attendants to depend on. It will also spare the consumers the costs of hiring people to help them locate the suppliers.

The consumers with visual difficulties are among the disabled consumers who face several problems in the business field. To start with, they are not recognized and this makes it hard for them to fit in the shopping field. Since in some countries one has to walk to the shops and sometimes quite a distance, these consumers face the challenge brought about by few distribution channels. This means that they are treated just like the normal consumers and thus have to undergo what the others go through despite their disability. Whenever they get in to the shopping malls, these consumers have to struggle to locate the products they are interested in without help of the sales representatives. According to JJ list (2010), these consumers are underserved and ignored in the society. 

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