Essay: Freedom of Association

Sample Essay Constitutionally, freedom of association is recognized and to infringe this right is an offence in law. The government must put in place laws that enable a friendly atmosphere. In a bid to promote a friendly environment wars should only be for the sake of peace for a particular nation or among many nations. Any decision to wage war on an enemy must be that it is for the sake of the common good.  Acts of corruption or fraud derive their illegitimacy from this fact for embezzling of public funds is another serious offence in law. Corruption is becoming a major issue all over the world because of the dangers it poses to the well-being of others. It deprives of them their rights in terms of distributive justice. Every person in the community deserves an equal share, more importantly; each and every person in the community should get what s/he has labored for. Corruption or fraud involves to a greater extent, stealing from the public’s account thus prevents the government in not fulfilling its budgeted goals, like payment of salaries and wages. Democracy is believed to be the best form of government and a channel to promote human welfare. It accommodates the views and interests of the citizens at all times. However, its extremes lead to serious violations of human rights. This happens especially when might is equated with correctness. In often occasions, democracy suppresses the interests of the minority
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