Essay: Friere Opposes Banking Concept In Education

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Friere oppose all the scholars who are for the idea of banking concept in education since through this, the students are turned into depositories in which the teacher also known as the depositor has to empty his deposits in this banks. The students are thus not seen as live objects since they are like containers which should juts quietly receive all that is being emptied into them without questioning.

They thus have to memorize, and repeat all that is said to them. Their main task is that of receiving and memorizing, no room to question what is being deposited on them no matter how hurting it may be. This shows that there is no way Friere can have an alternative to the method of banking concept of education and still go for it. It has more harm than good for both the teachers and the students. There is no way the teacher can measure the understanding of the students since although memorizing can help students in passing their tests, it does not necessarily mean that they have understood what they were taught. Further by considering the students as ignorant objects with the only justification being that of supporting the existence the teacher makes the students highly oppressed. Friere cannot be for the idea of banking concept of education with all the negativities he gives regarding the idea.

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