Essay: Founders Of Tong Cheng School Of Thought

Sample Essay – Founders Of Tong Cheng School Of Thought

As one of the founders of the Tong Cheng school of thought and an orthodox Confucian, Fang Bao’s notes from prison are a reflection of the kind of ruling that is necessary for the development of China. It is also a depiction of the evils of tyranny and dictatorship, calling for people to “go along with us and your breath will be gone at the first twist.

Otherwise there will  be three twists and other implements applied before you reach death” (Spence et al., p. 64). It is a depiction of the meanness of tyrants and the eventual consequences on the underdevelopment of the region, primarily caused by their lack of listening to the counsel of others. In relation to other chapters in the book, Fang Bao, like others before him such as the Prince of Gui and Shi Lang, calls for the leaders to be mindful of the feelings of others, allowing for peace to prevail for the sake of the political and economic wellbeing of china (Spence et al., p.  47).

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