Essay: First Night Of The Invasion

Sample Essay

The overall commander resolved that the units of the Airborne would make the first landing prior to the first night of the invasion. Then the amphibious landings were meant to land early the following morning. In order to identify and overcome the various challenges that were presented by the beach obstacles, it was agreed that this landing was to take place when the tides were low.

All these preparations were however undermined by a huge storm that took place on the 4th of June, two days before the invasion. As a result, the invasion was postponed for a period of 24 hours. After positive weather fore castings indicating a break in weather was done later in the day, the army was given a go ahead to proceed. It was also agreed that the amphibious units should land at dawn in order to provide protection at night. Furthermore, the US army had capitalized on the surprise of the early morning invasion, considering the fact that most armies were often ill prepared for a fight during such hours.

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