Essay: Fingerprint Data Extraction

Sample Essay

After the fingerprint image has been captured and enhanced, the electronic fingerprint system must extract the unique fingerprint data from the fingerprint image. Most fingerprint algorithm extract data from two primary forms or features of the fingerprint.

The first form is the extraction of the minutiae and the second form is the ridge correlation characteristics of the fingerprint image.

Fingerprint Modeling

The data extracted from the fingerprint is then converted into a mathematical model representing the features or minutiae of the fingerprint. This model is then enrolled into a database for storage and future reference or used for identification/verification attempts.

Fingerprint Image Enhancement.

A critical step in automatic fingerprint matching is to automatically and reliably extract minutiae from the input fingerprint images. However, the performance of a minutiae extraction algorithm relies heavily on the quality of the input fingerprint images. In order to ensure that the performance of an automatic fingerprint identification/verification system will be robust with respect to the quality of the fingerprint images, it is essential to incorporate a fingerprint enhancement algorithm in the minutiae extraction module.

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