Essay: The Teachings of Spirituality

Sample Essay – Teachings of Spirituality

The participants also confirmed that the teachings of spirituality enabled them to initiate outreach programs and were able to interact in various ways with the communities. By organizing and participating in these programs, the community changed their attitude towards them and assimilation in the community on completion of treatment became faster. This assurance in itself hastened the recovery process of addicts. It is because initially the community perceived them as a threat to their security and safety.

The inferences made from this study indicate that generally spirituality enabled the mental health patients to adopt positive lifestyles that in return played a fundamental role in enhancing their recovery.

They upheld good grooming and helped their peers to change their behavior ad attitude accordingly. In fact, the institution confirmed that they aided in recovery by encouraging other patients and setting the best examples.

To this end, the study recommended that spirituality issues should be given equal priority by the therapists just like medication and other aspects. Without this, this study shows that the recovery process may not yield satisfactory results.

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