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Essay: Western Civilization

Scholars advocate for the practice and justification of Western Civilization. According to Bennett, there are three major reasons why this civilization is appealing. To begin with, it belongs to the West. Being Westerners, their own initiative is their self-identity and their heritage. It defines their direction as a nation.

Essay: Educational Progressivism

Conservatism, nonetheless, does not downplay the underlying principle of educational progressivism, which is the liberalist outlook of learning. On the contrary, conservatism fundamentally questions the suitability of progressivism given its leniency policy on discipline and the vacuum created by dispensing with the role of institutions of learning – schools, colleges etc.

Essay: The end of Hellenization

The Jews believed that they were intellectuals and they could not allow Greeks to rule. This is the reason that led to the end of Hellenization. Greeks were superior in art but the Jews were more advanced in literature (Cory & Holleric, 2008).

Essay: Philosophy of Law

Proximate Causation In the case, Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co., the court of appeal in New York found out that the plaintiff, Mrs. Helen Palsgraf was not liable to any payment from the defendant, Long Island Railroad Co. because of the circumstances that led to the injuries of the plaintiff.