Essay: Zheng Chenggong

Sample Essay – Zheng Chenggong

Between the periods of 1644 and 1645, Zheng Chenggong, a supporter of the Ming rule and who wagged a formidable resistance against the Manchus in the South, relocates to Taiwan after his defeat, commanding his army to control the region for the next twenty years. The Kangxi emperor then undertook the defeat of this last base as an insult to him, dispatching Qing’s admiral Shi Lang to Taiwan (Spence, p. 50).

Shi Lang was a sworn enemy of Zheng Chenggong as they had previously had a series of altercations when the latter ordered the execution of the former’s family. This blood enmity between the two, coupled with Shi Lang’s skills as a naval tactician, make him the best candidate for this expedition, leading to one of the greatest battle in Taiwan’s history (Spence, p. 51). A detailed letter, by Shi Lang, lets the reader know of the proceedings of the war, giving a true account of the great 1683 victory of Taiwan. In the end, Shi Lang calls on all the defectors and supporters of Zheng Chenggong to obtain what ever it was they were looking for and call for surrender (Spence, p. 53).

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