Essay: Constitutional Revolution

17 Oct

Essay: Constitutional Revolution

Sample Essay

According to Zuckert (1992), the farmers did not do enough research when they were framing the Act and thus a constitutional revolution is highly recommended. This is the same argument with Frantz (2010) for he feels that the Act was not actively researched on and thus fails in its acting.

In the case against theUnited Statesand Cruikshank where Negroes are evicted from their home and killed as they try to escape fire, Bradley who is the judge acquaints the defendants of murder but finds them guilty of conspiracy charges. Although the Negroes are murdered and it is felt that they are deprived of all their human rights, Bradley defends his ruling arguing that the amendment act which could have aided himself rule otherwise has no constitutional authority. He further argues that the Act can only operate when the state laws fail in their functioning.

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