Essay: Pursuit of politics

14 Oct

Essay: Pursuit of politics

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From the evidence presented in the paper, it is concluded that developments of American experiences dates back to pursuit of political, social and economic freedom.  Despite confinement of Jr. Martin Luther King in Birmingham jail, he answered all criticisms of his activities. Injustices such as segregation, brutality and racism compelled Luther to fight for freedom.  Nonviolence demonstration which comprised of negotiation, self purification and direct action were used to raise issues of injustices.

Direct action involved tension which helped society to wake up from racism to great heights of brotherhood. Laws are divided into two, just law which lifts up personality and unjust law which degrades personality.  were segregated not to vote and privilege of peaceful assembly and protests were denied.   The stumbling block of   Negroes achievement of freedom was influenced by white moderates. Luther eventually won through the help of Negro church for struggle despite standing in the middle of Negro community opposition forces.  Some whit individuals embraced social revolution though they languished in jails.

Civil rights are not gained without determined legal and nonviolent pressure. It is known that through painful experience that freedom is not voluntarily given by the oppressor but it must be demanded by oppressed as the statement “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.” suggests. Time is neutral variable which can either be used destructively or constructively.

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