Essay: Work related accidents

21 Oct

Essay: Work related accidents

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Furthermore, work-related accidents were significantly more frequent in larger communities and when surgeries were later in finishing (Tennant, 2001). Look around. One of ten people you see at work, at the store, and wherever you go in your daily live is over stressed at any given moment. Scientists agree that stress causes actual chemical changes in the brain, and these changes can influence the state of your health (Cornforth, 2007).

There has been an on-going observation on the impact that stress has on the entire health of a person. Stress is associated with many backaches complaints and cancerous effects and chronic fatigue syndrome. Women may succumb to failure in menstruation or unusual blood loss. Hormonal imbalances as a result of stress may propagate the symptoms of fibroid tumors and endometriosis as well as make pregnancy difficult to realize for married partners with cases of infertility or impotence (Greiner et al., 1998). Heart problems, high blood pressure, heart attacks and stroke are also stress related cardiovascular conditions.

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