Essay: Work pressure

21 Oct

Essay: Work pressure

Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier, pressure is an indisputable factor in any work place. In strict sense, no work without pressure, therefore employees need to educate themselves on how to deal with stress successfully. The negative aspects of job stress need to be pruned in a number of ways. For example, every employer should seek to understand how they function at work. This builds their self esteem at all times. Good time management to avoid inconveniences, for example, in the case when one is caught up in a traffic jam and cannot get to work in time. It would be prudent to start moving early. If one is faced with many deadlines and tasks to perform, one can prioritize them in order of importance and urgency (Cornforth, 2007).

Through team work, one can delegate some of the work to other colleagues. Break and relaxation is also highly recommended. There are employees who want to do many tasks at the same time instead of doing one task and after its completion take on the other. Managers should create a good atmosphere for all where each employee feels comfortable and accepted (Foss, 1998). Organizations should at least, have a health and safety officer who can ensure that proper mechanisms have been put in place to safeguard the workers from unnecessary causes of work-related stress.

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