Essay: Women sidelined by product companies

21 Oct

Essay: Women sidelined by product companies

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The article indicates that a majority of women feel highly underserved and sidelined by product companies. This is despite the current and growing stature of women in the society. Women have become quite powerful due to the effects of education, leadership opportunities and career opportunities. It is no longer a world where most women were uneducated; currently women dominate half of global students and this enhances their capacities for choice of consumption.

Furthermore, most women are seeking to advance their career opportunities and employment is accompanied by elements of dynamic consumption needs. In the study, it is eminent that women face challenges in managing their households and finances, having too many demands and the lack of enough time for themselves. Right here is a loophole for companies to capitalize and serve women with regard to their specific needs. Sayre and Silverstein (2009) emphasize that companies must learn the strategies of selling to women especially because their dominance is bound to accrue large profits.

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