Essay: Video and audio dominating books

18 Oct

Essay: Video and audio dominating books

Sample Essay

Video and audio technologies would also, in the near future, dominate the books exchange platforms. To people who consider reading to be a very tedious process that demands a lot of attention, new technologies could be used in an attempt to ensure that the books are translated in audio formats. Audio information is easily understood and could enhance the comfort of ensuring that only specific sections of books are recorded based on the needs of the client.

The utilization of such technologies facilitate better understanding, since some books users complex languages and vocabularies whose meaning may not be easy to decipher, the use of audio recording facilitates better understanding of the books.

Additionally, the future of books could result into acting of some scenes which when combined with audio sound would better convey the message intended. This trend has already started being put in action. Currently, most authors of fictitious books such as novels encourage acting of the scenes of the books (Pearson 2002). Such an approach fully facilitates easy understanding of complex issue that would otherwise be difficult to understand if the material would simply be read.

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