Essay: Use of Text messages for promotions

18 Oct

Essay: Use of Text messages for promotions

Sample Essay

In reference to the mobile technology, many firms contain a directory of their clients’ phone numbers that they use to send text messages to them to inform them about a number of issues that include the following:

  • Promotions,
  • New products,
  • Changes on information about the existing  products
  • They remind about the existing offers
  • Through this kind of communication, loyal clients are made and the new clients made.

Gen Y shoppers is very extravagant about new products and subscribe a firm’s marketing program so that they can get data about any new product the earliest time possible. The subscriptions to these programs are an indirect request from clients to be allowed discounts and promotions. Mobile technology through the text messages marketing program is very effective since the Gen Y shoppers reacts fast provided the product meets the desired specifications. Gen Y shoppers is a key market target for many firms and one willing to win this market niche must employ the mobile and online marketing technology. Technology is inevitable invest for most business willing to remain in the competitive market. Gen Y shoppers employs the computer technology, which empowers online marketing, and the mobile technology employs the text and access to internet.

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