Essay: Books

16 Oct

Essay: Books

Sample Essay

A book is normally is traditionally considered to be a collection or set of written, illustrated, blank sheet or printed material that could either be made of parchments or paper or other forms of materials that are normally fastened together to hinge on one side.

A single sheet in the traditional definition of books is normally referred to as a leaf while each side of a leaf is always referred to as a page. However, technology has resulted into the production f books into electronic formats that can easily be transformed in different formats. Books transformed in different formats are normally referred to as electronic books (eBooks).

On the other hand, any literature work could as well be referred to as a book. The major division of written literature is also normally referred to books. There is normally little consideration of the actual content of the written material when defining what constitute a book in the modern world.

It is therefore very evident that books come in different formats. It is not necessary for whatever is considered to a book to be in paper form. For instance, some books could in the soft copy format while others could in hard copy formats. It is however not possible to have a book that is not yet written (Anderson 2006). Until a concept is put down on paper, then it could not be possible to consider it as being a book or not. This is mainly because conceptual ideas could be easily altered and the meanings derived from them constantly changed in order to ensure that it fits the needs of the intended users and the perceived ‘writers’.

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