Essay: Body Dimorphic Disorder

16 Oct

Essay: Body Dimorphic Disorder

Sample Essay

It is a type of chronic mental illness where you cannot stop thinking about flaws in your appearance. The flaw despite being minor appears shameful and distressing. This disorder is sometimes known as “imagined ugliness.”

Being preoccupied with your appearance, having a strong belief that you have an abnormality which makes you feel ugly, frequently examining yourself in the mirror or avoiding mirrors altogether, excessive grooming, skin picking, avoiding social situations, are some of the symptoms of this disorder. One becomes obsessed with certain parts of the body for example, nose, hair, skin, breast size, genitalia among others. The human biochemical process, genetic makeup and the social environment play significant roles in the development of this disorder (Greeves 111). Factors such as childhood teasing, low self esteem, societal pressure or expectations of beauty and sexual abuse may cause vast complications such as suicidal thoughts and behavior, depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, social phobia, substance abuse, social isolation among others.

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