Essay: Traditional victimology

22 Oct

Essay: Traditional victimology

Sample Essay

Marylyn D. McShane and Frank P. Williams III (April 1992) suggestions state that traditional victimology has not tapped radical victimology to assist in explaining social reaction to crime and crime victims, it is an outcome of unequal social factors like unemployment, poverty, patriarch and racism causing crimes. The need for great resources to be devoted to law enforcer’s agencies and prisons are agents of social control.

Some suggests to be terminated where as others want to be replaced with informal justice system and that society should take responsibility for crime as a whole but not individuals. It is asserted to be no division between victims and offenders, all groups of people in society are victims. Victim compensation expands social control by insistence that victims reported the matter to police reinforced by restricted eligibility. State sponsored victims programs are agents of supporting social control with guiding influence not being compassionate for victims, programs are predicated on needs of prosecution furthering interests of police and prosecutions firm. It is opposed that crime victims having formal rights in criminal justice system and concept of victim participation in proceeding includes the effects of victim’s statement.

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