Essay: Transformation of Market in Favour of Mortgage Industry in US

Sample Essay

To ensure that the market is transformed in favour of the mortgage industry, there are certain issues which need to be understood. The basic concept of market regulations and business concepts need to be understood in order to ensure that proper management of the market is put in place. In accordance with the property law of the Anglo-American, mortgages are considered limitations to people’s right to property.

Jones (2009) argues that even though the government normally caters for the immediate costs incurred by the house owners, ownership of homes through mortgage acquisition is normally a limitation which derails meaningful efforts that would otherwise be made in facilitating individual ownership of homes. The property, mortgage, borrower, lender interest, and repossession are some of the components related to the mortgage industry which are always ignored by a majority of people. At times the equity home owners faces more challenges in the payment of the mortgage compared to other forms of home ownership.

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