Essay: The “Tet” offence

17 Oct

Essay: The “Tet” offence

Sample Essay

‘Tet’ offensive begun on January 31, 1968 in the early morning hours thus being given the name which means the first day of the year ‘tet’ nguyen dan’ in Vietnamese lunar calendar (Basil, 163). It was a military operation initiative which people’s army of Vietnam was fighting with South Vietnam, a war that lead to ousting of Saigon leadership that terminated the Vietnamese war. The Vietnamese called it ‘the war against America to save their nation’ (166).

This war lead to deaths of 54,000 US soldiers and 304,000 wounded. Vietnamese lost about 1.4 million people during the war. America increased the number of its soldiers in 1969 from 23,000 to 542,000 but could still not subdue the Vietnamese who were dying in very large numbers. This was an indication that the US was loosing in a battle for the first time considering the loses and expenses incurred in this operation.

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