Essay: Conducive Climatic Conditions in Africa

17 Oct

Essay: Conducive Climatic Conditions in Africa

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During the very cold months in the European continent, most tourists from the continent visit some of the African countries so as to enjoy the very conducive climatic conditions in Africa. This explains why the hotel industry in Nigeria does well in most parts of the year.

The good performance can also be attributed to Nigeria’s coast line which not only experience good climatic conditions but also ensures that development of hotel related industries in the country is fully enhanced. Hotels, of various classes in Nigeria and England cater for the different people whose income generating activities vary due to their class and the social background. Some very high class hotels in both the United Kingdom and in Nigeria experiences dynamic customer levels and money spending patterns (Shelton 2002).

The cost of food, drinks and related facilities in the hotel industry changes with changes in the environmental factors. In seasons when there are very good climatic conditions in the countries, various industries perform well. The conducive climatic conditions ensure that people come out in large numbers to enjoy the available facilities and food. Since during the very cold seasons in Europe most people stays indoors, they later come out when thee climates are very conducive so as to share and adequately relax. This conducive weather conditions normally coincide with holiday season in most countries. In England for, instance, the relatively cold weather conditions are mainly associated with most people’s working days. During the cold warm weather conditions, people who may be on holidays opt to go for holidays in countries and states that have very conducive climatic conditions. This ensures that the people do not get bored for whatever reason.

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