Essay: Sweatshops Industry

18 Oct

Essay: Sweatshops Industry

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Sweatshop Industry

A sweatshop is a place of work where the laborers are subject to excessive mistreatment, abuse, poor remunerations, and slavery; bad working conditions that adversely affect the health of workers; poor safety measures and; unnecessary rules or arbitrary discipline (Sweatshop Watch, n.d.). The U.S. General Accounting Office has formulated another meaning of a sweatshop in that it is an employer whose policies contradict a large portion of federal or state labor, industrial homework, occupational safety and health, worker’s benefits policy, or industry registration law (Sweatshop Watch, n.d.).

Looking at the above definitions and assuming that they reflect the universal understanding of a sweatshop, one therefore, can anticipate the position a moralist of good conscience would take in regard to the matter. No doubt that a sweatshop is morally unjustified as portrayed from the above definition. As indicated earlier, an issue is moral or immoral from the point of view of itself as an act: its intention and the consequences to the human lives and; the circumstances therein.

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