Essay: Stagnant hotel industry in England

18 Oct

Essay: Stagnant hotel industry in England

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To the contrary the England has a considerably low population growth rate. The country currently has a population of sixty million, nine hundred and forty three thousand, nine hundred and twelve (60,943,912) people. This is in comparison to Nigeria’s population of one hundred and fifty one million, three thousand and nineteen thousand and five hundred people (151,319,500) as in the same year (2008).

The population of the people in the United Kingdome is evenly spread with a slight majority of the people occupying the urban areas. The high level of development in the country has led to even utilization of resources. The country’s population is comprised mainly of the aged people. England’s population density of about three hundred and ninety five people per square kilometer is an indication that the country, when compared to Nigeria, has a low population spread per a square kilometer in the entire country. This demography also explains the reasons why the hotel industry in Nigeria continues to grow while that of the England seems to have stagnated (Ogbonna, Ekweozor & Igwe 2002).

In Nigeria, forty four percent (44%) of the population lives in urban areas. This clearly explains why labor costs are very low in the hotel industry in the West African country. England on the other hand has a mainly ageing population. Labor costs in the hotel industry are very high. This is mainly attributed to the high levels of standards that have been maintained in the industry over the years and the high cost of labor in the country. England’s high labor costs are greatly reflected on the high costs of hotel foods and other related services in the market. the need to offer other related services such as swimming pools, games and business facilities within the hotel premises within the hotel premises have led to a continuous increase in the cost of food and other services in the English country. Consequently, hotels in England have become a preserve for the very rich and affluent people in the society.

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