Essay: Questionnaire Drafting and process of data collection

17 Oct

Essay: Questionnaire Drafting and process of data collection

Sample Essay

A questionnaire with both open ended and closed ended questions were used in the collection of data from the research population. Questionnaires drafting was done with a clear understanding of the diversity of the women’s views and their divergent perception of what leadership really entails. The questions used had different sets of questions that targeted the respondents in different formats. The open ended questions used enable some of the respondents such as women in top management levels and the working class of men and women. The closed-ended questions used enabled the participants at relatively low level in society in terms of their professionalism, education and living standards.

 Process of Collecting Data

Data was collected through various methods. The major process of data collection was through administration of questionnaires. In addressing the various issues related to the research question two types of data was collected. Primary data and the secondary data collected served different roles even though the ultimate purpose of the two types of data collected was to clearly bring an in-depth insight into the role of the various leadership issues affecting women and how women’s leadership could be treated in order not to create conflicts of any sort.

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