Essay: Psychological impacts Imprisonment Creates

17 Oct

Essay: Psychological impacts Imprisonment Creates

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Life after prison is presumably by many, very similar to the life an individual had before incarceration. However, according to this notion is very untrue when viewed in a psychological angle. They reveal that ‘male and female ex-offenders find themselves in a very difficult situation in trying to re-integrate back to the society’ (Hersen, & Rosqvist, 2008, p.7). Most of them have ended up getting back into prisons after a brief period of freedom due to many problems, which mainly hinder them from being employed.

This chapter seeks to highlight the major steps used to collect data in a study that have been done to ascertain psychological impacts imprisonment creates in male prisoners and how this affects chances of getting a job after prison. ‘Most of these problems are psychological implying that they can only be solved by considering the very fundamental issues that affect the way one feels about him or her self and the overall reception one receives from the society after imprisonment’ (Hersen, & Rosqvist, 2008, p.12). This implies that the research is a social one and the most appropriate methodological approach is qualitative data collection strategy. Details on how semi structured interviews and thematic analysis were used are also highlighted in this chapter. Finally, the chapter concludes by exposing the ethical considerations made to make data more reliable.

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