Essay: Difference of Opinions in Policy Making

17 Oct

Essay: Difference of Opinions in Policy Making

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Policy making in the realm of environment may differ due to different interests of the individuals concerned. Some individuals are fundamentally interested in the welfare of the human person. They will regard anything else as of no value and elevate the human being. Man is regarded as the measure of all things. On the other hand, other individuals do not see the specialty in man amidst other creation. For them, they consider every bit of nature as important. According to Desjardins (2000), he states that anthropocentric point of view is much concerned on how nature affects humans. They will be quick to rule out a default in the world that negatively affects the lives of people and besides, advocate for what is promoting human life.

Frederick (1995) holds that the green movement is a movement where you not only do well for the planet for the sake of humans but also for the sake of the planet itself. That’s to say that you start from the whole of the globe and talk about the ecosystems, trying to keep them healthy as a value in itself.  The core principle of social ecology is that ecological problems arise from deep-seated social problems. Ecological problems cannot be understood, much less resolved, without facing social issues. The root causes of environmental problems are such as trade profit, industrial expansion, and the identification of “progress” with corporate self-interest’.

The theory of anthropocentrism says that the world exists for humanity. Believers in this Philosophy would say that humans can rightfully try to benefit as much as possible from the environment.

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