Essay: Provisions of the resolutions

17 Oct

Essay: Provisions of the resolutions

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Seemingly, the presidents have not fully complied with the provisions of this resolution. Grimmet contends that in most cases, the decision to send the forces to hostilities are taken solely by the president who later consults the congress when the forces are already on the ground (12). Arguably, this can be attributed to the grave nature of the hostilities that require prompt decisions. Consultation in this regard can compromise the timing of the involvement of the forces in the hostilities. However, such instances are only justified if the response required is prompt. In addition, the president has not consistently reported to the congress as expected by the provisions of the resolutions. Grimmet indicates that this has been undermined by the strict nature of timing that the resolution provides (12).

However, it should be appreciated that sixty to ninety days are enough for the president to make a comprehensive report about the involvement of the forces in war and present the same to the congress. This period should even be reduced for wars that are not very complex. This would go a long way in making the president assume responsibility and avoid mischief. Furthermore, the president has in most instances failed to terminate the employment of the forces after the specified period of time. Notably, this has been difficult because of the complexity of the hostilities.

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