Essay: Contractual Theory On Happiness

17 Oct

Essay: Contractual Theory On Happiness

Sample Essay

The approach is established to enable understanding on why some people are found to be happy while others are unhappy (Lyubomirsky, 2001). The understanding of the theory is based on cognitive and motivation process which maintains and enhances the happiness.

Positive and negative consequences on happiness have potential relevance on individual’s endurance towards achievement of happiness. Happiness and unhappiness depends on systematic states of individual temperament. Happy individuals pursues natural life events and situations with aim of  promoting their happiness while unhappy people pursue experiences which has negative effect and reinforces unhappiness on individuals. Most people are found to be relatively happy when they choose to pursue success rather than avoiding failures and are highly committed to achievement of their goals by making progress towards the achievements. Cognitive responses on life events are characterized by positive strategies in response to life victories and defeats (Lyubomirsky, 2001).

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