Essay: Pros and cons of bureaucracy to organizational approach

14 Oct

Essay: Pros and cons of bureaucracy to organizational approach

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In formulating the theory of bureaucracy to the society, Weber saw that the bureaucratic organisations as having a dominant influence on the industrial society. The dominance was as a result of the development of new forms of power that was essential in industrial societies. Thus, through their power of these organisations had the ability to get “others” to comply with their wish, whether they agreed or not; as this new form of power became authority. It is in this line of thought that Weber formulated his theory.

To point out pros of bureaucracy clearly, bureaucracy has proved to be fruitful tool of control and coordination in capitalistic market economies since help to discharges the public and private administration. Secondly, Weber believed that if the ideal type bureaucracy was in place would be good impersonal rules to help individuals in the relationships guiding it can make them feel that they are following a rule and not a wine that a person is having. Thirdly, Bureaucratic systems usually tend to push experts with education credentials, thereby being a motivation for knowledge attainment stressing on the societal value of education. Fourthly, bureaucracy has helped the administrations to be respected and helpful to the economy. This followed the view of Weber that persons with authority (police force, armies, or political larder would be listened to and they would enforce the power. And lastly, bureaucracy helps the society to be productive enough through its mechanism to sets specific, measurable, observable and attainable goals and tasks for individuals to produce.

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