Essay: Bureaucracy Approach to Health Care Organisations

12 Oct

Essay: Bureaucracy Approach to Health Care Organisations

Sample Essay

In human history, the element of organizations continues to be more complex and dynamic due to formalization of the most organizations in today’s society than the past societies. Planned formal atmosphere is fostered by large number of workers that makes relationships less personal. Therefore, most organizations opt to putting in place systems that develop lives of these organizations so that workers or persons enter or come and leave leaving instant the roles and positions.

In this regard, Amitai (1975) classified formal organizations basing on the justification of why people participate into their activities. Using this premise for classification he came up with the following: Utilitarian Organisations whereby persons join the organisation based on the individual drive or for material benefit, a good example is an individual’s choice of work place. Secondly, Normative Organizations where persons join to pursue goals they consider morally worthwhile like Girl Guide services. Thirdly, there are the Coercive organizations that people join them by force application and are not free to leave like mental hospitals and prisons.

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