Essay: Disadvantages of Cyborganization

14 Oct

Essay: Disadvantages of Cyborganization

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In contrary, the terminator was a cruel piece of machinery programmed to eliminate humanity, this is reflected to human deep rooted mistrust and distaste for machines that showed any resemblance to motivation and intelligence. The cyborg of terminator is a machine fused with human flesh with the goal is to wipe out humanity. However, such negative attitudes towards machines are tremendously  becoming obsolete as the digital innovations remolds human perceptions about life, e body and the machinery in general (Parthan, 2000). Cyborgs are portrayed as human who over depend on technology which threatens personal free will. Cyborgs have physiological abilities that exceed human capability thus affecting normal functioning of body functions.

Cyborgization is neither sufficient nor completely beneficial in addition to being unnecessary. The realization of possible future beings whose basic capacities exceed those of present humans will display ambiguous humanity by our current standards.  Technological enhancements could provide the means for creating creatures whose basic capabilities are in terms of health, cognition and emotion which significantly surpass the current beings thus the process cyborgization requires no involve enhancement. Cybernetic organism can be produced simply through replacement biological parts with technological parts beyond traditional boundaries. This means that if the replacement of entities is equal to or less than the replaced ones in terms of functional performance, there is no positive gain on basic human capabilities.  The cyborgization concept only provides one possible route to post human age, but it does not guarantee any realization of post humanity (Verdoux, 2010).

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