Essay: Problems of United States

14 Oct

Essay: Problems of United States

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Looking at the core problems of United States, they include secondary education, political gridlock, and debt. Such problems have solutions. Looking at negative futures in United States; it overreacts to attacks by enhancing closure of inwards thus cutting itself off from the strength of openness it has. Such a problem has solutions also. Soft power is implicitly enjoyed by United States. Soft power involves American culture, language, values, systems and management ability.

In terms of political system, United States has an advantage due to its soft power. International organizations, rules, norms, regimes and laws among others have been established in United States in accordance with political will of United States (Nau 856). Such norms and rules constitute a source of American soft power. United States of America is in a position to compete with other countries due to availability of sophisticated international financial regime (George 12). Free trade, nuclear non-proliferation, property rights of intellectuals and intervention of economies of developing countries by International Monetary Fund are able to make United States not to decline as American political status, economic status and interests of security are well gathered for (George 19).

Looking at the weaknesses in United States which involve poor education in secondary school and poor social cohesiveness which has come as a result of crime rates which are high, political scandals, broken families among others one can conclude that America’s weaknesses are solvable since they are in soft power but not hard power thus ability to maintenance of power is guaranteed (Nau 875). Based on researches who claim that countries like United States cannot compete with countries who have much soft power like the Asian countries, it is worth note that culture and traditions of Asians allows them to posses much softer power than they can enjoy.

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