Essay: Poor Job Design and Policy Contribute to Stress

18 Oct

Essay: Poor Job Design and Policy Contribute to Stress

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Job policies and designs designed internally by the boss that do not make sense also add as stressor. Every job design and policy must meet the professional ethics and do not expose them to hazards. This has been realized to be a tool used by particular companies in order for them to realize high profit margins. Such companies resort to employ workers of the African origin and then expose them to dangers. According to the University of Texas study People who struggle to spend a lot of time at workplaces are more likely to be exposed to dangers such as premature deaths than those who get time to relax (Altiman 2005).

Heavy workload according to the same study can generate high stress hormones and they in the long run suffer health risks which may make the worker to have the tendency of absenteeism and eventually decreased productivity.  Similarly , a sure way to kill  human motivation is through getting workers in a company to do jobs that they do not understand  its purpose and again there is almost little to be excited about in that job. In addition, some job requirements are not realistic because, in a survey study to identify the satisfaction a job gives, showed that people would go for jobs that are meaningful and which fits to a larger framework (Bernedette 1997).In this regard to this factor, managers design jobs with several workload and pressure whose end result is health hazard like hypertension and high Blood Pressure.

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