Essay: Criminal Justice Policy

17 Oct

Essay: Criminal Justice Policy

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Conservative nature has great effect on criminal justice policy. Suggestions for change and interventions in criminal justice is in favor of crime victims which is dominated by law and order with objective of lowering criminal victimization by emphasizing lawful and orderly society .

The failure to rehabilitate and reform the policies leads to decline of support of criminal support. These increase police power and resources; they also have great influence in favour of conservative governments. They invoke victims in order to bargain for more powers and resources though penal policy is dictated by protecting the community; the process denies victims to participate in process of justice as they believe criminal justice is complete, consistent, independent and  have powers to stand alone.

His statement also depicts that there is believe of an individual to take responsibility. Social factors are considered not important to criminals; offenders take all blame of crime acts. Individuals are perceived to take initiative in prevention, avoidance, resistance and recovery from victimization. This is important when crime rates are predicted to have fallen down. Traditionalists emphasizes on self- reliance concept by putting stress on victims and society oriented crime prevention measures, they believe criminal acts are beyond government powers hence it is responsibility of individuals, families, institutions and religions to reduce crime.