Essay: Poets are Like Scientists

18 Oct

Essay: Poets are Like Scientists

Sample Essay

There exist similarity between the work of a scientist and a poet that today scholars’ needs to recognize but they end up not acknowledging these similarities. One cannot fail to note that scientists use words precisely, are very concise and put across a lengthy message in a very short sentence. More so, poets also respond to none another’s work, in a kind of respond or a dispute of a king of observation expressed in a certain poem.

Occasionally, poets work closely as a team working to achieve a common objective. If one is keen, one will not fail to conclude that the scientists also work like the poets in all the above characteristics however, they may use long sentences to express their ideas. The works of the scientists and poets are so closely related and have immerse impact on the society that the two works are called poet cum scientist and have immerse effect on each other.

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