Essay: Personality problems during placement

14 Oct

Essay: Personality problems during placement

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There might also be a possibility that my personality might not be fitting in this particular place and so I will need to make a few adjustments here and there so as to get along with other members of staff and their clients. When it comes to the actual practice, there might be no enough resources for me to refer or do further reading in case I need to consult. However, I believe I can curb this by asking the ones how are already there as they have more experience for advice on how to tackle difficult situations. As is common in life, there is a possibility that some of the employees there might not accept me.

This is usually difficult to deal with but in such cases, it is only wise to maintain respect between us and try as much as possible to avoid trouble or unhealthy disagreements. Another challenge that I might come across is the likelihood of missing a relevant project to work on while I am on placement. This might in turn lead to lack of enough experience in my area of interest which is counseling.  The solution to this is to have some suggestions that one might actually carry out in case one lacks a relevant project, and this is something I have already looked into (Ware, 1987).

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