Essay: Political Ideology on Policy

14 Oct

Essay: Political Ideology on Policy

Sample Essay

The political debate on sport in Europe often attribute to considerable importance to the introduction of European Sport Model, the anti-doping policy. The Commission considered that certain values and traditions of European sport should be promoted. The diversity and complexity of European sport structures considered that creation of unified model of European sports was unrealistic. The increased economic and social developments that are common to commercialization, challenges to public spending, increased number of participants and stagnation in the number of voluntary workers resulted in new challenges of anti-doping policy in European sports.

It is clear that commission can play a role in encouraging by sharing the best practice in sport governance by developing a common set of principles. Doping challenges in sport can be addressed through self-regulation, respect andd good governance principles provided that EU law is respected and that the law facilitates role of policy formulation. Sporting activity is subject to the application of formulated policy and prohibition of discrimination on grounds of nationality and gender.

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