Essay: Challenges during placement and intended solutions

14 Oct

Essay: Challenges during placement and intended solutions

Sample Essay

During the teaching practice, one of the main challenges one may face is uncooperative supervisor. Some supervisors may be authoritative and give threatening warning of dire consequences to students during practice (Knowles, 1975, p.20). By so doing, an atmosphere of fear and mistrust is cultivated and this is retrogressive to acquisition of knowledge. A supervisor should be willing to negotiate and work towards creating good learning relationship with the students. When faced with such a supervisor care should be taken and avoid crossing their paths or being in the wrong places. Also, I would use professional approach whenever handling such supervisors.

The second challenge is finding a non conducive atmosphere at the place of placement. This gives the student a hard time and learning is hindered. As a solution collaborative efforts with my supervisor to talk with the management would at least solve that problem. Lastly, is difficulty in putting theory into practice due to lack of experience. This would be easily solved through consulting my supervisor and the specialists that are in charge of me.

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