Essay: Perception of patients with psychological problems

Sample Essay

This enables the patient to believe that his or her perceptions are acknowledged and appreciated by third parties. According to Strupp (1996) this plays an instrumental role in enabling the patient to open up and in return appreciate the views and recommendations of the therapist. This mutual understanding is essential for the attainment of smart goals in therapy.

Furthermore, decisions made in such incidences need to be well informed to avoid instances of being too intrusive in the patient’s lifestyle (Anthony, 2003). This as an independent factor that may compromise the recovery process. In addition, being well informed about these myths enables the therapists to employ complex recovery approaches in accordance with the severity of the matter and exhaustively address the various intrinsic aspects of the patient’s perception. Generally, all these measures contribute to sustainability of the recovery process by filling the gaps and addressing the real but hidden causes of the problem. Ultimately, the patient is in position to recover wholly and fit in the society on completion of the process of therapy.

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