Essay: Patient Compliance and Follow up in HIV Clinical Trials

10 Oct

Essay: Patient Compliance and Follow up in HIV Clinical Trials

Sample Essay

Many of the individuals infected with HIV are very difficult to follow up especially if the patients do not feel ill and do not have any AIDS defining illnesses. Many are not compliant with study medication, many a time due to the bulkiness of the study medication and at the early stay of the disease many of the patients do not feel sick, thus, do not feel that they need the trials as compared to other chronic condition like cancer where the diagnosis had been made and patient do feel sick and they are compel to adhere to study medication and follow up.

Secondly, reason for failure of adherence and follow up in HIV/AIDS infected population is that many do feel that they are been stigmatized by the society and the shame associated with the diagnosis of HIV; whereas the cancer and other chronic condition patients do not feel the same and they are more feel to discuss their diagnosis and do have more social support than the HIV/AIDS clinical participants.

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