Essay: Prevalence of HIV infection

10 Oct

Essay: Prevalence of HIV infection

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The prevalence of HIV infection in the American Indian and Alaskan accounts for about one percent of the total diagnosis of the disease but the statistics has shown that the rates of AIDS diagnosed in this group is higher than their white counterpart that there had been a in Caucasian Americans “one of the biggest challenges is the low participation these women, minorities (Gifford et al 2006), and high-risk populations in government-sponsored clinical trials. These groups are also the most in need of an HIV vaccine because they are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS.

Their participation is needed to ensure that a potential vaccine is safe and effective in all groups of people. Moreover, with recent opportunities within the developing world, conducting HIV vaccine trials in international settings will require greater commitment for funding, training, mobilizing and implementing trials of large capacities while working with foreign governments and communities. This is essential as many countries outside of the United States are heavily afflicted with HIV/AIDS” (NIAID, 2008). Gifford, et al (2006) concluded that non-Hispanic blacks and Hispanics wereless likely to be participating in trials than non-Hispanicwhites and to have received experimental medications so also patients that receive their care in private health clinics (Gifford et al 2006).

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